Our Values

Our Values

Business as usual with an ethical touch!

Our Values
Ethical Business

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Charity Commitment

Since September 2008, we used to support Merlin (Medical Emergency Relief International), a UK registered charity which specialises in health, saving lives in times of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health services around the world. In 2013, Merlin became part of Save the Children.

We are confident that this contribution will serve a good cause and help people around the world who most need it.

You can find out more about Save the Children by visiting their website.

Trusty Relationships

We want to work with our customers on establishing trustworthy working relationships.

We will have open discussions throughout the length of our service to you, and will strive to meet your expectations and to provide you with the support you need.

Our pricing policy reflects our willingness to provide a high quality website design and hosting service at an affordable price. Find out more about our working approach on the "How we work" page of this website.